ISO 9001 Quality Policy

Ekinoks Kimya as a; we aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in all processes with a customer-oriented management approach and to become a leading global brand in our sector in every aspect by developing new technologies and strategies. In this direction;

  • To carry out continuous improvement studies by evaluating customer satisfaction and complaints,
  • To ensure the personal and professional development of employees and to encourage them to become participants,
  • To ensure that leaders are trained in accordance with duties, powers and responsibilities at all levels,
  • To develop a management approach that takes into account the continuous improvement of processes,
  • To ensure its implementation by following the national international legislations and other relevant conditions covering our products and services,
  • To be result-oriented by ensuring the compliance of the studies carried out with the goals,
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure in all areas in order to fulfill the relevant requirements of the Quality Management System we will commit.



ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

Ekinoks Kimya as a; we carry out all our works with sensitivity with the awareness that the understanding of sustainability passes through a sustainable environment. We aim to leave a livable clean environment for future generations. In this direction;

  • To work in compliance with national and international legislations covering environmental impacts,
  • To prevent energy loss by using natural resources efficiently and with continuous improvements,
  • To reduce our waste generated during our production, to ensure that it is re-evaluated by recycling,
  • To prevent environmental pollution by ensuring the legal disposal of our wastes with a Waste Management Plan,
  • To increase the environmental responsibility awareness of our employees with trainings and to make it continuous we will commit.


ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Ekinoks Kimya as a; We adopt the human understanding first at all stages of our production activities and we attach importance to the continuity of a healthy and safe working environment together with our employees.

In this direction;


  • To work in compliance with national and international legislations by fulfilling the legal obligations on Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To create a healthy and safe working environment with continuous improvements by taking the necessary measures against the health and safety risks that may arise in the working environment,
  • We declare and undertake to organize training activities on a regular basis in order to create and ensure the continuity of the internal OHS culture.