Two-component polyurethane adhesives developed for use in industrial areas are generally used in white goods, automotive, electronics, shipping, etc. They are multi-purpose products developed for use in fields. These are advanced technology applications designed to create a strong and permanent adhesion between two surfaces.


The products developed by Ekinoks Kimya R&D team are optimized and continuously improved according to operating conditions and process expectations. Curing times, mixing ratios, density and viscosity values of the products, etc. technical features can be adjusted according to process conditions and customer expectations.


In the white goods sector, there are two-component polyurethane adhesives developed to be used for bonding plastic and chipboard together on the worktops of washing machines, dryer machines and dishwashers. Products that do not contain flammable and combustible solvents comply with ROHS directives.


In parallel with our decarbonization and sustainability studies, BIO version of two-component polyurethane adhesives were developed by Ekinoks ARGE, thus reducing the carbon footprint by up to 85%.