Nano-coatings, which can be based on zirconium and/or titanium, are surface treatment chemicals that can work in harmony with various metals and their alloys, do not contain heavy metals, create minimum sludge, and are environmentally compatible. Nano coating chemicals form a thin film between the metal and the paint, allowing the paint to adhere strongly to the metal surface. Nano-coatings that can operate at ambient temperature also provide an advantage with the energy savings they provide. Phosphate, volatile organic compounds (VOC) etc. Does not contain chemicals. In the process, coatings are carried out with fewer baths than zinc phosphate baths. It is an advantage that it does not form sludge and does not contain heavy metals, and it reduces the treatment load.


Nano-coatings, which have a more environmentally friendly approach than existing applications, have become one of the coating types that companies often prefer for a sustainable future. The products are compatible for dip or spray applications.

In all processes, pH adjuster, iron reducer etc. used to adjust the baths to optimum conditions. There are various auxiliary chemicals.


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